Eve Novoa, The Mexican based, dj & producer started his musical career in 1994. Starting out as a dj playing in clubs around Guadalajara, his recognition quickly gathered momentum in his local scene playing at big events with Tini Tun & Light IDR.

Moving into more recent times, Eve Novoa takes his talent to the production side remixing Micheal Claveria’s Monday Visions (Eve Novoa Deeply Underground Remix) and Indrid Cold Project - Enough 4 you, as well Carlos Palacio - Capricorn Remixed by Eve Novoa for Morninglory Music, and many others.

Eve is focused in the production of Techno Progressive Sounds, as well. He founded his own Techno Label, White Zombie Recordings earlier in the Summer of 2015, as well securing 2 Ep's for this Label, more new projects starting with Midnight Express FM, as well with the opening of DTD#NewTechnoRadio. In December 2015, exceeding all expectations for Techno Broadcast, he received excellent feedback from all the artist Dj's & producers Involved in the world of Underground Techno. With his driving passion for electronic music, Eve Novoa is now the CEO & Owner/Producer, of his own radio stations, one Broadcast the Best Electronic Music by www.midnightexpressfm.com ,and the second only Techno Contents by www.dtd.midnightexpressfm.com. The companies have the best technology and Top Quality Sound, as well we are linked to all the Social Media in real time to give the best service to all the Advertisers, Artist's and Labels, that are having radio programs broadcasted. We also have the radio web site Linked to Twitter and Face Book Radio Fan Pages, Eve Novoa has worked incessantly the last 2 Years to deliver his projects right to the listeners and customers in 89 countries around the World. Eve Novoa has also announced the creation of 2 New Sublabels, Global Outbreak Label Group and DTD‪#‎NewTechnoLabel‬. in order to cover all The Styles Of Electronic Music. He is quickly building an exceptional reputation, as CEO from Midnight Express FM, and DTD ‪#‎NewTechnoRadio‬. 

Taking his radio work and labels in the right direction straight to the market of Internet Radio, as well to the world of Internet music distributors, new and innovative projects are developed every day. To ensure the growth and progress of the radio stations, along with the Labels he already founded, Eve Novoa is proud to announce that White Zombie Recordings 004 has R

reached the Maximum Acceptance and is charted as Number #1, in the Top 10 of Electronica Chart by Traxsource in February 2016.